Splice Girls "Splice Girls" (Suite 309)

pros and cons from a Spice Girls fan

Why mess with a good thing? Sometimes I wish art just wasn’t so damn complicated. Things are nice and perfect, then some artist comes along and fiddles with the whole thing, making a convoluted mess. It’s gratuitous. And it’s an insult to reality. Is reality not good enough? All art, with the exception of sacred and religious art, seems to say, “no.” By splicing, deforming, confusing, and fucking with things as they already are, the artist seems to get further and further from contact with anything “real,” or communicating any sort of nice “condition” to the audience (“That’s not just a painting, that’s a condition.” -Ornette Coleman)
Mel D and Mel Z must have had a good time making this mess. Good energy written all over it. As fun as cotton candy, funnel cake, and the ferris wheel. It’s a pleasurable disorientation, like being At the Circus with Harpo. And, as an advertisement, it has this Spice Girls fan about to drop everything he’s doing (“everything he’s doing” is writing this review) and re-watch Spice World.