GAD WHIP “Breakdown Test” (Gad Whip Recordings)

The English have always been the best at post punk. Bands who have been around from the beginning like PiL, Gang of Four, The Fall, and The Pop Group all still exist. Of those 4 though I’d say only The Fall are still making music worth listening to.  Gad Whip are a new band here to add to the legacy. I’m not sure if they seek to be torch bearers or simply wanted to make some music that shows their influences. Side A of “Breakdown Test” is very derivative of those 80s groups; although “Fish Vehicle” displays that they like industrial music from the same era too. ‘Derivative’ doesn’t mean ‘bad’ either; it just wasn’t anything new. For instance “Car Crash TV” might as well be a PiL song. As a homage to past groups Gad Whip did great. Side B is where things get interesting. The band shows their creative side on a single 15ish minute long track called “The Argument” which features a song built around an audio sample of two lovers fighting. I hope they continue to push more in the direction I heard from that track on future projects. I’ll be listening.

-- Roy Blumenfeld