ZACK CHRIST “[Tom Ramme]” C30 (Husoptagelser)

Whenever I listen to a new tape, I keep a kind of epi-pen handy, just in case I run into something that even remotely rhymes with the word ‘techno’, so this tape, on my first run through (sans headphones), had me wheezing and sweating at moments. Luckily, on the second go (with headphones) I found the continuous exploration between eraticaly shifting electronic timbres (not just one, but two independently shifting layers!) sometimes reminded me of my highschool best friend’s playing me ‘the best band ever’ (autechre), but much less repetitive (my ultimate beef with hechno), changing it up on nearly every next measure (instead of every 32), so I began to relax and let what ended up being a cross-genre journey take me from middle-eastern grooves to death metalish stompings to light-hearted movie-scapes of lovers doing what’er I guess they do when not in the bedroom.

I usually pass anything hechno related to friends who enjoy it way more, but I’ve a feeling I’ll be keeping and painting along with this release in the background a few times before considering giving it up, as the dream-like transitions are non-stop and engaging and the EQ was pretty fucking stellar all across the board.

The link below apparently isn’t the exact same as the tape I just listened to for some reason, though the covers are identical.


- - Jacob An Kittenplan