RAW PONY “Raw Pony” (self released)

Four chord riot-grrly fuzziest WITH awesome aggressive drumming, a song in homage to Bo Diddley, complete with wonky guitar solos. Recorded in the basement of a house called The Galaxy. 

This tape is cool. It speaks to everything I appreciate about the proliferation of Girls Rock camps in most major cities. It looks like these awesome ladies are making the very best of living in Columbus, Ohio, by starting a rippin’ punk band in the most classic sense of punk band- no fucks given, a beatup DIY aesthetic, with reverence for naught but those who came before in the noble tradition of garage punk. 

Distortion on the recording is kind of amazing and almost sounds like it was recorded by someone who really likes to blow out their hearing with loud punk music. Melvins-y heavy moments with a lot of poppy driven British-y oi kinda moments. Singing is anthemic, vibrato-core and full strength, kinda like L7 or The Runaways. Fun to listen to, even more fun to think about seeing this band by accident in a basement in Ohio. I would be carrying on with someone named Snake Eye, or Hobo Tommy, we’d be giving each other tattoos of triangles outside on the porch stairs while mosquitoes buzzed around and people who smell like Toms of Maine deodorant ashtrays crushed out cans of the worst beer in Ohio. 

This is a tape that ma skes me feel proud and privileged to be part of the DIY music galaxy! Keep doing you, Raw Pony! 

- - Liv Carrow