V/A“The Eternal Malcontent” C58
(Exabyss Records)

The label Exabyss Records out of New York specializes in “Death Industrial, Power Electronics, Dark Electro Industrial, Dark Ambient” releases, and, as you might guess, listening to anything from their catalogue isn’t exactly guaranteed to elevate your mood. I listened to this whole comp (on a bright, sunshiny California day) and still had to look at internet cat archives for a solid half hour afterwards to get back to my usual sunny disposition. If bandnames like ‘the Vomit Arsonist’, ‘Noise Nazi’, or ‘Rape-X’ appeal to you, click on the link below (and may baby jebus have mercy on your blackened soul); if not, scroll down, read on, or go outside and sniff a flower or something.

- - Jacob An Kittenplan