DARKWING “Lameonia” C24 (Wiener Records)

There’s a circle-pit, with borderline aggressive push-moshing a few yards ahead and the sweaty shirtless guy that keeps spilling his tall boy all over my right arm is now lurching back and forth, taking a respite from the maddening clip to pseudo-headbang with his curve-billed trucker hat.

The band has changed it up, again, and the soggy teenagers are looking around sheepishly, having no racing pulse to high-knee skip along to for the time being. Then the goddamn bass-line kicks in and they go hog wild. This is the heaviest and most diverse I’ve ever head pop-punk get and I guess I’ll stick around to the end and see if they don’t toss in a 70’s hair-metal cover for shits and giggles.


- - Jacob An Kittenplan