“Dust Never Covers My Broken Body” C37
(Exabyss Records)

There is “Raining On A Parade” and there is “Such Drought That Not Enough People Could Possibly Constitute A Parade”: Exabyss Records has managed to tack a big ol’ TM on the latter.

I really had no clue how much despair one could pack into a minimalist bass dirge or indecipherable movie quote. I’d never before considered a consonant blend of tones swelling to hint at suicide as salvation from the pit of torture known as life… but this one-way-ticket-to-bummertown has me wondering whether it’d give serial killers flashbacks and/or make them weep for their abusive progenitors. I, myself, would never choose to listen to this unless I wanted to facilitate a free-write on paranoid/delusional interactions, or give myself something to listen to while being sealed up in a coffin.

Masterful. Thanks for re-defining “ugly”…

- - Jacob An Kittenplan