“Wimp Abilities Sluice” C30
(Bicephalic Records)

The WoWI half of this rad Mid-Western Noisecraft makes great use collaging processed field recordings with electro-acoustic feedback loops on two of the tracks, with a nice long exploration of (from what I counted) 5 distinct modular synthesizers carrying on like they were haunting a mansion or something. Maybe the first track was a trip through the yard and the last one, the acceptance of an early death? Nothing so dark, but with the infinitude of nothingness in spades.

Nipple Stools sounds something right out of the freeform synth Orange Milk catalog, with plenty of butchered field recording textures and Pauline Oliveros bleeps and bloops in constant variation to never get quite comfortable with even thinking about rhyme or reason or recognizable symbols. No, it ain’t for everybody, but I sure as shit digs it! Listen with headphones.


- - Jacob An Kittenplan