FIGURAE "I & II" (Bored Tapes)

Figurae are an electronic duo from Texas and this tape is a pressing of their first two EPs. Good music to zone out to. If I shared a state with Ted Cruz, George W Bush, and their followers chances are I’d want to zone out a lot too. Since North Carolina isn’t that far behind Texas politically maybe I will give this a listen next time I consider the alternative of turning on the news and making myself angry. Figurae have not only used their audio software to make some good sample heavy idm; the way I see it they’ve performed a civil service. Thanks for that, guys.

I give the packaging and inserts an A+. While these are also the least consequential attributes of the final product they are still worth mentioning. I’m the type of person who likes to really look at a tape when I pick one up. So I noticed the handwritten 2 along with the question mark written on the top before I put it in. Not sure why Figurae did that but since they did it and I saw it I might as well write it down. The j-card consists of the “I” cover for the front and the “II” cover on the inner printed on high quality paper. Inserts are track list, a business card, and a mini-print photo of the duo. Fun stuff!  

-- Roy Blumenfeld