"National House Milk" C35
(Wounded Knife)

As a rule, Charles Barabé’s releases are not to be missed, and this collaboration with Justin Wiggan (Roadside Picnic) is no exception. Though put out by Warsaw’s “Wounded Knife” label, it’d fit far more easily on the Orange Milk roster, as the level of abstract weirdness is astronomically high.

Destroyed sound samples fade in and out, manic drum machines and synth arpeggiations sputter in, then jerk to a hault, and cosmic transmissions intermingle with things-that-go-bump-in-the-night. This shit is pretty brilliant and well, well worth some serious deep listening.

Damn shame that the tape’s already sold out because the art on the J-Card is stellar! I’ll cross my fingers in hopes that it gets re-issued on Vinyl so the drawing can be bigger.


-- Jacob An Kittenplan