WANDER “Kat Gat Sea” C50 (Wounded Knife)

IF this is a dream – and that’s a big “if,” – then Wander has some explaining to do. Because I’m out in it. I’m in the middle of whatever it is that’s happening, and “For the Time Remaining,” track 2 (track 2, only!) on Kat Gat Sea, has overcome my senses. And that’s even before I’ve gotten all the way down to “Into the Flood,” where the paranoia really lives! These guys, Vincenzo De Luce and Matteo Tranchesi, somehow have freaked me out about the state of my own surroundings. Maybe it’s because we’ve all gotten out of Schrödinger’s catbox in the wrong offshoot universe, but I’m starting to feel the void. This is folk? Folk is mentioned in the bio: “minimal folk.” Hell, these machines are killing fascists like crazy if this is folk. Get off that backporch rockin’ chair and flash forward into the freaky now, this instant became the past a whole second ago. But it doesn’t leave us, this folk, this commonality, because isn’t that what the term “folk” implies? We all crash through the hardships together, and whether it’s me imagining all our hardships in my own mind and it’s me navigating them together with my own self, there’s still that empathy quotient, isn’t there? There’s got to be, otherwise I’m lost. Or I’m gonna wake up. If I wake up, and we’re still in the shit, somebody put me right back down to sleep. Oh, what’s that, “Black Powder”? We’re still right there in the shit? Huh. Bye-bye then.

Let Wander impose itself upon you in weird psychological ways via cassette tape. That’s the best method. Chilling. Masterful.

--Ryan Masteller