“Music For Euronews” C34
(Strategic Tape Reserve)

First off, you gotta read the back story for this tape (click on the bottom link), as it’s a wonderfully glib tale of solitude, disassociation, creativity and perseverance. Secondly, if you haven’t heard Joel Spiegelman’s “New Age Bach: The Goldberg Variations”, you’re either in for a real treat or a spiritual hissy fit. Either way, looks like you’ve got some rad homework to do!

Jöns’ “Music For Euronews” is less homage than it is a progressive, seamless collage of past synth tropes and contrapuntal discipline made fresh and new by modular warble and brilliantly mixed textures of all academically emotional hues. Is it Neon-Classical Avant-Garde moog worship? Psychedelic New New New Age Prog? Minimal Drone with a touch of the ‘Lectronicas? All of the Above? Pigeon hole all y’all want; just know that this here shit is pretty genius and a consistent head-trip, every single time, so break out them good headphones and a candle.


-- Jacob An Kittenplan