Friday, March 17, 2017

“Bodies Coiled Around Themselves”

Paco’s music is much more interesting than I expected it to be. Terrible moniker (The Cradle?), terribly produced “j-card.” What do you do? Hope it’s not another garbage fire that’ll ruin yet another cassette player. Well, I’ve got good news for all of you on the other side of this: my tape player still works. Still spitting out music, sometimes like a real jerk, like a jackass. That’s the stuff I don’t like. Paco – well, he somehow channels a wide-eyed innocent version of the brothers Kinsella, sometime before Joan of Arc, Dick Cheney, Mark Twain. It’s pleasantly indie, pleasantly low-key emo, and all around bookwormy in the neatest of ways. Get past the “book-by-its-cover” nonsense if you really want to live your life like an American Football. An AMERICAN FOOTBALL. Get it? They just put out a new album not too long ago. Owen.



  1. you are an absolute fool .
    an egotistical dumb ass.


    1. fool = you = the writer of this shitty write up

  2. not sure who's a bigger fool - the writer who gave this terrible tape a decent review, or you, froyo baggins, who cares enough about this terrible tape to take the time to comment on it.

    or maybe it's me, who actually tried to listen to this terrible tape for five minutes before turning it off in disgust. i guess we all lose.

  3. I kind of like it - it does have that Kinsella vibe. Nice tape!

  4. You gray oatmeal anonymous drip! you lose! I bask in light! and am submerged in the pleasurable sounds swimming through my ears!

    Froyo, I call on you ! we have two fools here who know not the craft and beauty of this here genius "Paco".