“Axiom of Maria” C40
(Do You Dream of Noise?)

Don’t let it fool you, or maybe let it fool you because it doesn’t matter, but AXIOM OF MARIA was “recorded in a basement one night [in] September 2008.” The ambient passages, replete in their timelessness, are unconcerned that their recorded sound has sat unreleased for almost ten years. Lee Boyd, resident of Umeå, Sweden, and purveyor of fluere tapes, unabashedly revels in pastoral ambient, embracing the space and the distance conjured by its openness. No surprise, then, that he goes by cloudsound, not merely a cheeky transposition of the name of the online streaming platform but also a clue connecting the billowing sonics to a natural formation. Indeed, AXIOM OF MARIA encases you in its atmosphere, its gentle motion proceeding across your field of perception as it slowly shifts, taking different shapes and hues. At points calming as an altocumulus formation and at others shifting into the distant menace of cumulonimbus, AXIOM never breaks, never bursts, simply remains. “If clouds sounded like tape hiss,” goes the cloudsound self-descriptor, and there’s nothing better I can add to it. Get immersed and discover the cloudsound environment.


Do You Dream of Noise? (this is in Swedish, so good luck reading it.)

--Ryan Masteller