NAGUAL "Scraps: Southern Tour"
C16 (Pidgin Records)

Side A is a brief cool afternoon breeze through warm colors. A glowing electronic drone almost becomes hypnotic, but interspersed percussive guitar keeps the listener alert. Side B is more pensive and wide-eyed, wary of the danger of night. The percussive sounds are back, but this time as hidden creatures, somewhere in the shadowy landscape of Virginia, their actions and precise whereabouts unknown. Classically trained guitarist David Shapiro has woven a complex and layered tale here. Though it is a short story, it is worth being retold.

Presented for you in a butterscotch C16 cassette with a printed label on side A and approximately 12 minutes of audio recorded in 2016 in Virginia, shrunk-wrapped in a brown O-card. Edition of fifty-six.

-- Gray Lee