GREYDINI “Bananas for Gatti”
C50 (Tashyna Records)

Think Bodycocktail and Juiceboxxx fist-fighting in heaven, probably because they’re sworn enemies (they’re not), and you’ve got an idea where Greydini’s coming from. Cacophonic post punk on one hand, weird-eyed dreams of pop stardom on the other, BANANAS FOR GATTI tiptoes the tightrope of genre and reaches the other side unscathed, the other side being the eighteen tracks on this freaky-deaky tape. Synthesizers and drum machines menace the nocturnal populace, and Greydini himself, aka Greydyn Wolfcow, stalks among the 1980s club crowds, dressed in skinny jeans, leather jacket, tennis shoes, imagining himself as some sort of vampiric lover, four-eyed, mop-haired, and ready, laser focused on his conquest. The nerd’s fantasy. Hey, don’t worry fellow nerds, I’ve been there, we’re all nerds together – settle down. So to say that Greydini makes awesome soundtrack tunes for quirky horror movies in his head is an understatement. Or a statement – yeah, it’s more of a statement, because that’s what he does. I mean, check out these song titles: “Scorpion Midnight,” “Riding a Tentacle Again,” and “Midnight VCR Thieves” – if your mind’s not made up yet, what else can I do to entice you? Mention that a bunch of tracks have echo-y sax flitting over them? By the way, a bunch of tracks have echo-y sax flitting over them. Do the robot to these electro bangers in your mom’s basement, and send your fan letters of deepest gratitude to my attention at Cassette Gods. As for me, I’ll be presiding over my harem, reclining in my chaise, being fed Cheetos like grapes by a beautiful woman while another beautiful woman fans me with a palm frond. Obviously I’m watching Battlestar.


--Ryan Masteller