YLAYALI "YY" (Lily Tapes and Discs)

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By Gray Lee, August 25th 2017

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Received the cassette sooner than I expected. Played it on my Walk Man. Plays good with no skips or anything like that. Has music on both sides, just like I remember cassettes having. There was a crack in the case right on the front, not a big deal but I still had to give less than five star for this.  Music is lo-fi bedroom  music I was expecting from Ylayali, along with a good bit of fuzzy, gauze-covered electric guitar and hazy field recordings. Inward facing lyrics about the normal things of life, sung in a sad, hopeless way. First track is called ìPBî and at some point references how a very old jar of peanut butter gets all separated and canít be mixed, no matter how much you stir it.  Thatís what Philadelphia based solo project Ylayali has always been good at when making the music things, taking everyday life and turning into dreary sleep rock.

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Presented for you in a white cassette with the sides marked by a magic marker, clever addition of humorous Craigslist style liner, and includes a download card.




-- Gray Lee