ABYSMAL GROWLS OF DESPAIR “Sentir Le Poids Des Montagnes Et Trouver La Paix Dans Les Ténèbres” C66.6 (Blue Tapes)


Mars is weird, yeah? Abysmal Growls of Despair, which is Hangsvart’s recording project (I’m assuming you know who Hangsvart is), imagines Mars and its weirdness, but through the crushing weight of doom – doom on Mars. The title translates to “Feel the weight of the mountains and find peace in the darkness,” and I guess that’s the only option, really, if you’re getting crushed by a mountain on Mars. Darkness is solitude. Peace in oblivion.
Well, if there’s one adjective to describe Sentir Le Poids Des Montagnes Et Trouver La Paix Dans Les Ténèbres, it’s “crushing.” If I’m reading this right, we’re looking at six guitars and six basses, along with utterly guttural kargyraa vocals. Seriously, You don’t want Hangsvart intoning directly into your ear, that’s for sure. The whole thing is a black séance intent on bringing a pagan status quo to everyday Martian life, such as it is. Over its 66.6-minute runtime (you read that right), Hangsvart excavates the deepest, darkest secrets from the core of the red planet. Then he unleashes them.
You like Sunn O)))? You’ll like this.