NATT “The Way You Were Made” C42 (Amek)


Polish producer NATT fits right into the Amek Collective, from the j-card featuring a blurred silhouette against a stark white orb that’s about to be engulfed by a black abyss to the blurred silhouette of dark ambience of the recordings themselves, set as they are in stark relief against a bleak reality but still about to be engulfed by a black abyss of mood and tone. DARK AMBIENCE: let it be a lesson to you, a polestar to guide you through a murk of negative energy that nonetheless thrills in its capacity for catharsis. NATT grasps the humanness of disappointment and despair and grips it until it’s choked purple and black, wringing every last ounce of remorse and regret out of it. Then NATT takes the byproduct of this nefarious deed and distills it, then chugs it, then creates. That’s The Way You Were Made.
That’s why NATT fits right into the Amek Collective – NATT is able to turn grief into digestible sound, somewhere between desolate electronics and despondent IDM, all smeared with a hollowness of reverb and echo to accentuate the part of the person that has been ripped away or is missing. But what these Central Europeans (Amek is located in Bulgaria) have going for them is that they’re able to tap into a vitality within the grief, an energy that crackles just out of earshot but is inherently present in their work. So where NATT’s music may be all about the gloaming of regularity and routine following a disruptive event and the sculpting of a psyche through trauma, the “way [that personality] was made,” on the other side of it, the disruption itself brings forth a grim vigor that propels the sufferer forward, hopefully to a less dismal outcome. But to find out, through NATT’s endeavors, is an exciting proposition!