REST “Druidz” (AGH Tapes)


Sound collage, remix, remaster. Mash and smear, smash and smoosh. Rest, relaxing hammock-bound in Baltimore, Maryland – or so I assume, what with the “Rest” and all – pulls together sound sources, samples, loops, and Druidz is the “mixtape” of a result. Circuitz bend and stretch like taffy, perspective is right out the window. Sometimes you can tell what radio station is piping, in, but it often gets cut off by some kind of electrical current, causing it to glitch into oblivion. There’s nothing left except electrical currents. Well, also more samples. And more currents. They intertwine with each other and react and repel and spiral out of control, and then come back in for additional intertwining. It’s like a fascinating sonic double helix that barely holds together.