ANGEL DUST "Uppers / Downers" (Deep Fried Tapes)

Nate, Ron and Jake must have found some secret frequency that inhibits brain activity, because while playing this I felt totally stupid. Angel Dust forego any coherence, form or style and trip over a cord straight into drug-addled oblivion. "Uppers / Downers" is broken up into eleven tracks of string choking, crude synth and feedback tones which sporadically include singsong yowling (sometimes with words) and odd repeated chants. Clocking in at a more than generous 40 minutes, anyone who isn't dosing on whatever the band was might call this an endurance test. However, there are moments when the snickering dumbness is totally endearing, and the songs are actually paced well and end when they should. Mostly. If Deep Fried Tapes keep up this aesthetic they might just have a legacy on their nauseatingly grimy hands.