CAVES "New Edge" (Husk Records)

One of the dirtier recordings that came in a while ago from Josh Lay's (Cadaver in Drag) label, "New Edge" would be more of a fist pumping anthem if it didn't sound as if the recording took place in this band's namesake. Pretty solid headbanging action though, all the while weighted down by dissonant and sparse bass punctuated by relentless drum machine thuds. The band's Myspace only seems to list one member, which is surprising since "New Edge" sounds like a live recording and there are a ton of things happening simultaneously. If it is live, more power to Mr. Caves for taking Joe Preston's gig and running with it into the abyss. Stylistically this is reminiscent of Josh Lay's solo material reviewed here awhile back, albeit more rhythmic. Though the drum machine is absent on the second track "Buzzed," the slow and thick tension between notes leaves ghostly chasms which might not have even been played but hang like smoke until the listener believes. This is one of those releases that benefits from being on cassette, as the murkiness adds to the mystery of the sound. A segment of delay-manipulated feedback at the tape's conclusion was overkill, but this one regardless will satisfy a craving for good bass-heavy sludge.