(VxPxC) “Twelve Divided By Three” (Buried Valley)

Before all the smart-asses chime in with “the answer is four!!” hold on a moment and realize that LA beardiacs (VxPxC) are rarely so literal as to bust out basic math equations for tape titles. So, when they do, there’s probably some deeply pondered numerological superstition (or inside joke) at work. This Buried Valley C20 showcases most of their classic single-microphone group moves: meandering SK1 riddles, stuttering vocal ghosts, progressive melodica navigations, etc. They’re a band not afraid to do the unexpected, whether that means rocking a gothy drum machine beat (“Spitting In Our Hands”) or sticking a mirrored jackalope on their J-card. At first you scratch your head and frown, then you deal with it and move on. The design-y Tatum spine layout is a nice touch.