Sick set of new Yellow Swans tracks compiled for their recent European free-noise tour (w/Metalux, Wiese, Yeh, etc), with classic elliptical visual tape-case trippery by Shawn Reed. Impeccable balance of Pete’s higher-end hypno-stasis tones with Gabe’s lower waves of heavy guitar undertow. When vocals cut into the electric communion they do so dramatically, bleeding and fried and spiritual…none of the post-industrial apocalyptic screams reminiscent of the Live During War Crimes volumes. Everything about Deterioration is ghostlier – the loops fray and fizzle with poetic amplifier decay, the guitar shrapnel reverberates with a subtler sense of fracture, the mounting hills of mixer drones pulse upwards like water displaced by deep-sea gases. As moving and keenly-edited a collection of psychic electronics as anything else in the Y Swans discography.