BLACK VATICAN “Zed Omega” (Night People)

C38 of unpredictable genre-hopping by this Iowa City unknown loner (band?). Has a Modern Lovers delusional positivity in many places that’s enforced by the garage arrangements, upbeat choruses, and J Richman-style sincerity/singing. Lyrics about wanting to live, sugar in beverages, and unhealthy behavior are all delivered with an affected urgency that’s mainly endearing. But BV can’t be pinned so easily, bizarre elements filter in all over the place: new age flutes, electronic pulsings, prayer vocals, savage wah-wah, “do do do” doo-wop, blown-out bass grooves, dripping water samples, dub experimentalism…this shit’s all over the place. Actually, the longer I listen to it the weirder “Zed Omega” gets. Definitely one of the most awesomely out-of-the-blue Night People tapes to date. With standard killer Shawn Reed cover art.