LOVE LETTERS "Santeria" (Hate State)

Inspired by the famed Yoruba-derived religion in Cuba and reputably recorded in the country as well (if not somewhere else in the Caribbean), Albert and Christina Casais' new one delves into fevered hallucination from the get go. If any dead relatives were summoned through this one, it would hardly be a surprise. "Santeria" is flooded with swells of dark unconsciousness, seizuring high-pitched chirps, the sound of machines speaking in tongues and perhaps invoking something beyond the sum of their parts. Even the red tint of the cassette recalls sacrificial blood. This is definitely an affecting and unique addition to the cadre of conceptual noise dealing with religion and the occult. As with all Hate State releases, this one is wrapped in a hand-knit package by Hate State proprietor Eva Aguila. Recommended (as if you needed to be told).