MEF TEEF “Implied Brain-Flex” (Night People)

Circular space jazz freakery by Andy Spore and Co. Skittering cymbal flashes, restrained saxophone convulsions, dissonant piano smashing…all the elements are here for a very uncomfortable evening. But, though Mef Teef definitely prefer to follow a fucked muse, they do allow the collective juice to flow to where it will, meaning things congeal into warped Vince Guaraldi/Charlie Brown-theme ivory interludes, speakeasy-style wet streets horn brooding, groovy goateed free drumming. In most psych-associated jazz combos, the primary agenda seems to be sweat-heavy vein-draining Borbetomagus-ism. Bebop as PCP suicide bombing. But team Teef are way more on the lounge act tip, swanky trumpet vignettes for couples sipping cocktails. Only at the very end of side B do they attempt to rile the beatniks, with a barrage of violent drumming and off-key piano puke. An odd outing by an odd offspring of the Raccoo-oo-oon den.