"Anthropometric ixil"
(Bicephalic Records)

This split tape (limited edition of 50) offers Amalgamated on one side and Odd Person on the flip. Pressing play welcomed me to "bending the last blind leg", which consumes the entire Amalgamated side. My initial impression of Yoko Ono fronting The Beatles hodgepodge track "Revolution No. 9" held firm throughout with a barrage of whimpers and sound effects done in a more interesting way than perhaps I've suggested by comparison.

As it turns out, Amalgamated is a collective (4-5 members) of experimental artists who record live performance and then edit and "post-process" to create what we have here. An interesting and imaginative electronic based effort that I found stimulating enough to warrant listens to future works.

The reverse is titled "nebaj.cotzal.chajul" by the mysterious Odd Person of which I came up empty handed in my attempts to further identify the artist(s). The performance consists of rhythmic patterns akin to taping on a live microphone (sound check?) that graduate to increasing repetitions and then transform into buzzing noises, all while maintaining some sense of pattern. Like the Amalgamated side, it is done in an intriguing manner. Unlike side A, however, I don't need to ever hear this again.

The tape is release number nineteen on this experimental music label and purports to be the first of eight releases featuring these two artists. I would recommend it solely for the Amalgamated side to those inclined toward this type of art/music.

-Bob Zilli