“Unfortunate Chronology Volume 1”
(Elm Recordings)


*Puff, puff, pant, pant, wheeeeze*

[Out of breath:] Hi everybody, sorry I’m late for this funeral – it was an absolute nightmare on the beltway. We were at a dead stop for about a half hour. Who knows what the cause was. Anyway, thanks to Brother Roy for delivering the eulogy. He did a great job, didn’t he? There’s nothing punker than releasing an entire discography after your band has broken up, and Estrogen Highs, those Connecticut scamps, have surely done us all a solid by releasing this 2-tape set. And how punk was it that we’ve discussed Volume 2 first? It was totally planned.

Actually, totally a lie. I just got lazy and Roy beat me to it. But isn’t that punk in some way too?

Well, here’s Volume 1, and now you can complete your set. Or you can’t, because only 50 copies were made, and they’re all gone. But if Roy is right, the upstarts over at Night People might release it again. Wouldn’t that be just super neat?

Now, if you’ll open your hymnals, I’ll lead you in some… Hey, where’s everybody going?

--Ryan Masteller