MARKARIA RHO “FUN” (self-released)

 In the vicinity of a quasar within the Komburg-Kravtsov-Lukash LQG 1 comes transmissions from an unknown entity, blaring radio signals toward Earth over a frequency that only a few so far have picked up, and none of those receiving it are terrestrial. So it goes. Earth is deprived once again of the true wonder inherent in life beyond our solar system.

Turns out that Markaria Rho is the name of the entity blasting this information, which is picked up in the form of musical recordings. I happen to be an interstellar traveler, a space pirate, a smuggler, a scoundrel, and I’ve been to Markaria Rho’s home planet, and they’ve given me a so-called “cassette tape” with the message on it. “Take this,” they said, “those Earth people aren’t getting our broadcast on their primitive instruments, so we’ve taken emergency measures and embedded it on this plastic windy spool thingy. Somebody on that planet ought to know what to do with it. We think it’s goofy looking, but what do we know.”

They described a group of musicians in Perm, Russia, who had the wherewithal and broad mindset to distribute it. And distribute it they did. Now the people of Earth know that Markaria Rho is heavily indebted to psychedelic music both old and new – Genesis, Flaming Lips, Pink Floyd, Spiritualized, Yes. They’re speaking our language, trying to tell us something. What is it? Might it save the entire planet from destroying itself? What do I care, I’m just the messenger. C’mon Chewie, let’s do some crimes.

--Ryan Masteller