"Argusterfelder A-C" C42
(Midnight Circles)

Midnight Circles, out of Mannheim, Germany, are a relatively new label (read: Xerox & hand-dubbing), yet are all ready to make noteworthy waves; subtle, nuance-worshipping vibrations, that is. Minutiae is the name of the game, here, folx, and Jon Liefhold’s three part minimal-flirting-with-new-age opus “Argusterfelder” is one hell of a meditation. In four layers or less, JL cobbles together some low-mid range organ drone, warbly, high-Hz texture, looped field recordings and an equalizing element of movement between sound-poses (read: change-ups) that keeps repeated, repeated, repeated listens fresh and earnest. Jon Liefhold and Midnight Circles are now officially on my radar (read: obsessed over for at least two years) and I’m purty durn excited to dig deeper into their solid back catalogue!

-- Jacob An Kittenplan