SAPPHOGIEST "s/t" (No Rent Records)

SAPPHOGIEST, and as a result, this release (S/T) is the brainchild of one Zoe Burke, known perhaps better in comic circles as creator of Sanpaku Rose. This is her debut audio release, which cleverly defies traditional descriptions so instead, I suppose, falls under electronica, ambient, sfx, pop, hymns and shrouded undeniably in darkness.

Five tracks grace this cassette release which I assume is available direct through the label though they have a Bandcamp page where only a download version is available. Not to neglect the actual content, the tape is captivating enough-something one of this variety rarely does-and builds, in a subtle sort of way into the closing cut "a lie" which I found the most engaging of the lot.

All in all, high marks for creativity and production. This is a well executed effort that I would rank in the top end of these genres that I have heard of late. B

-- Bob Zilli