"Live At the Spot +1" C60
(Astral Spirits/Monofonus Press)

This here is a live recording of Tashi Dorji (guitar) and Tyler Damon (percussion) collectively loosening their minds together via maximum soundwave disruption AKA jamming-the-fuck-out-of-their-ever-loving-minds. Dorji’s creative use of loop and effects pedals takes this out of the typical free jazz offering and into a constant state of “Now how in the hell is he producing AND stringing all those sounds together like that?” while Tyler Damon expertly picks & chooses his battles as to which nooks & crannies to power-pack full of bombastic freakouts to. On Damon’s solo (beginning of side 2, clocking in at 13:56!), his blending of scrape disciplines, steam-of-conscious phrasings and subtle tribal rolls is beatifically disorienting and hypnotic and evocative of animal rutting and fighting and writhing and I think it’s the bees knees &…well…I think you ort take a listen for yourself via the link below.


-- Jacob An Kittenplan