MIKE PURSLEY “self-titled” (self-released?)

Good old Mike. Old Boat-Cover Mike, they used to call him, back when he was releasing tapes with boats on the cover, like this one. Is this self-titled, self-released? I’m not sure. I’ve done all I can. At least I’ve provided a link to something. Start there.

Good old Boat-Cover Mike probably watches ships come in from his apartment balcony in Fells Point, if he lives in Fells Point, which he might not, but he’s from Baltimore, and a raging Oriole fan (like all good Baltimoreans), and a patron of the Soundgarden, and has seen Ministry at Rams Head Live! – no, wait, that was me on that last one. It was the Adios tour.

From his balcony in Fells Point he plucks his acoustic guitar in the style of early folk musicians and also post rock acoustic musicians like Pajo. It’s a decidedly warm and inviting flavor, and each of the short sides contains one entire piece of music. The recording, clearly to 4-track tape, retains the ambience of the room and the flaws inherent in such a rudimentary setup.

If you can get your hands on old Boaty McMike’s tape, you should. I like it.

Mike Pursley

--Ryan Masteller