MOON WORSHIP “Book the Pops” (Raining Records)

“Like The Birthday Party if Nick Cave wished he were Al Jourgensen instead of singularly defining an aesthetic.”
—Leo Kottke, liner notes to Peculiaroso*

“Wait, Albany’s the capital of New York?”
—Rudy Giuliani

“Tom Selleck, Steve Guttenberg, and Ted Danson are fantastic in Three Men and a Baby! A generation-defining hit.”
—Leonard Maltin

“[Book the Pops is] violently arousing.”
—Otis, Kicking and Screaming

“There’s that word again: [sludge]. I do not think it means what you think it means.”
Inigo Montoya to Vizzini, The Princess Bride

“Is half this record a séance?”
—Anonymous, but a real witch

“Fortunately, I have a dreamcatcher, so I won’t get scared at night after listening to this terrifying record. That’s what dreamcatchers are for, right? Mom?”
—Me, right now, after listening to Book the Pops

“Moon Worship only emerge on Halloween night, and only visit the most sincere pumpkin patches.”

“Let me level with you – I’m not going to buy this tape.”
—Don Cheadle, after a Captain America: Civil War table reading, in response to me begging him to buy this tape

“I’m impressed with the overall mood, I guess.”
—Don Cheadle, Consequence of Sound correspondent (not the actor)

“Oh man, I can totally growl like this too! Watch: ‘Rawr rawr!’ Did you hear that? Pretty good, right? I’m gonna use this in my next prank somehow. Hey, the Coen Brothers! C’mere!”
—Steve Buscemi

*Absolutely zero percent of these quotes are real, so lighten up. Well, except the Otis one, sort of.

--LeBron James (the scientist, not the basketball player)