"We Will Play For Spirits” 2xC45
(SDZ Records/Crudités Tapes)

Part modular ambient/industrial/noise-loops soundtrack, part spoken-word socio-political critique, part esoteric conspiratorial psycho-drama, “We Will Play For Spirits” delivers like an abandoned warehouse filled to the brim with the very same greasy, hollow orbs one might find in a drainage ditch just outside a McDonald’s; i.e. it is a fucking mess. But, when taken in, in the right mindset, it is revelatory. And messy. Really, really fucking messy.

Imagine McGuyver deftly crafting a transistor radio out of two Ouija boards, a demonically possessed Teddy Ruxpin (who just so happens to be excessively invested in e-stalking* Dwayne Goettel), three stolen 9V batteries, and a rather rusty bouquet of contact mics. The very same experimental mood could conceivably be achieved from this FrankenBeaRadio, but CIA Debutante’s arrangements here are nothing short of premeditated and calculated, boasting an obvious labor of love over the expert tailoring of vocals-and-noise interplay that feed and amplify and feed, loop, feed, and amplify off one another, over and over again, this all creating an ever-evolving beast of a tale to blurrily chase.

So. What might this relatively sound like that has been done before? Not fucking much. Maybe think early Skinny Puppy’s synth-heavy instrumental vignettes, but with vocals added by a fuzzy/static/blown out, forced-baritone vocal-fry’d robot proposing some pretty-party-poetic far-the-fuck-out-there shit. &when there aren’t words meandering about, there’s an equally chaotic texture of modular synth and/or doctor’d guitar freakoutery snaking its way through this constantly shifting in-and-out-in-and-out-of-key confusion.

With or without headphones, these tapes just keeps getting better &better with each listen. Too bad the physical release is already sold out. Look for more CIAD in the future and/or download from bandcamp!

*as in e-ternally


 --Jacob An Kittenplan