(Choam Charity)

Here’s a list of why Phteven Universe, aka Pilleater, and I are probably best friends.

1. He lives in Philadelphia. I love the Phillies. Plus I’m a former Pennsylvanian.

2. He cut his teeth learning Joy Division tunes in Temple University’s music lab. I’ve met Ronnie Martin and Cloud. Ronnie gave me some gum. Cloud has sent me emails.

3. “おさかなといっしょ” is named after the secret aquarium level on “Super Mario 64.” I’m not well versed in that one, but I did get the Mario 64 suit in “Super Mario Odyssey.” Plus, anything Mario-related rules.

4. He’s made videos using clips from “The Hobbit” animated film. If it is Tolkien-based, I’m all over it.

5. His own record label, Choam Charity, is a “Dune” reference. Nice one.

6. He makes electronic music with synthesizers and drum machines, and he figured out vaporwave before he kind of knew what he was doing. I’m … into that stuff.

7. “おさかなといっしょ” is like a huge hodgepodge of all the styles Pilleater’s experimented with in the past few years. There’s a lot to sift through, and it’s all pretty fun. Have at it.

BFFs for life!

Choam Charity