PRIMADONAHUE “Loosh” (Stucco)

Phil Donahue is THE Primadonahue.

Haha, no, it’s Michael. Michael, Phil, it’s Michael! Why don’t you call?

Minneapolis is cold in the winter Phil. I hope you’re OK in the winter.

I like Devo and They Might Be Giants, and other ones too. Ween I guess. Sure.

Phil, voodoo pickpockets have stolen my penis. I’m serious. Mom needs you, because I can’t be there for her so much anymore. Not after the voodoo pickpockets have stolen my penis. I can’t emphasize that enough.

Seriously, Phil, I do “Make Your Own Kind of Music” so much better than Mama Cass. Desmond on “Lost” should’ve listened to my version.

Stupid TV producers. You know what I’m talking about.