WOODPAINTING "Self Titled” C28 (Pretty Purgatory)

Before listening to (and researching) this tape, I did not know that “Wood Painting” was the name of a play Ingmar Bergman used for the basis of his masterpiece “The Seventh Seal” & as one might suppose, from track titles like “A Hot Gust of Wind” and “Danse Macabre”, the entirety of lyrical themes are based on, if not d-i-r-e-c-t-l-y quoted from, this cult classic. If you’re an old movie buff, or simply a lover of IB’s films, this half-hour of theatrical indie-folk should be right up your alley. Other notable mentions/enticements include some seriously on-point drumming, a STRONG likeness to Julie Doiron’s guitar-work (and singing, for that matter), as well as some undeniable Silver Jews-ish anti-melody in the lead singer’s vocal delivery.

I’m not sure if the physical tape will ever really see the light of day, due to it being unlikely that Woodpainting (the band, not the play) will be able to afford rights to lift so many direct quotes/themes from such a famous film, but you can certainly have a listen on SoundCloud for free via the link below.


 --Jacob An Kittenplan