"More Piles "
(State Champion Records)

Is it 1992 or 2018? Decoration is riffin' hard on this musicassette somewhere in between Gumball, Barlow-Core, Watt-core and Fugazi.  Is this sound now classic rock?  The other day I heard someone accused Dinosaur Jr of being dad rock, which judging by his and others' tone, has a negative connotation.  How can Dino be dad rock, when the young State Champ bands (which the accuser held in high regard) are reppin' the same sounds?  Either way, to each his own.   I can hear Jon Solomon spinning this tape at WPRB around '92 (before he entered fatherhood) and hopefully in 2018 (after the birth of his child).  Recorded by Phil Connor at In The West Studio, New Brunswick, NJ and it sounds great.

-- T Penn