+DOG+ "O” C10 (Love Earth Music)

Is this the mellowest Harsh Noise possibly concocted? At what point is the line drawn betwixt calming-but-dying-box-fan and juuuuust too much variation for sleep to be (as?) likely? Is this grey noise? The free App on my PhartSmone says there isn’t a single instance in the recording where the main frequency climbs above 250Hz, and it peaks out at 6KHz, max. AKA this is a serious sub-woofer jammer, and would probably be a solid gold hit amongst weirdos in the deaf community if played through the right speakers, and/or anyone who wants to listen to a distorted three second thunder-clap stretched out to 200x its natural length.

Sounds maybe like a thousand contact mics surrounding a Laundromat, each one run through a different heavy distortion pedal, and/or perhaps laying down in the back of a pickup truck that’s whipping down the interstate, your head surrounded by paint buckets that are barely weighted down with loose nuts & bolts, and/or it’s just the iphone recording you took from your pocket while moshing right next to the bass amp at a grind fest, all the blown-out 10 minute sets cut & pasted over top of each other with no mixing whatsoever. Possibly all three? Do not listen to while operating heavy machinery; you won’t notice a thing.


 --Jacob An Kittenplan