"Latitudes” C44 (Constellation Tatsu)

Newest-Age Wielders of all Darker Crystals, BEWARE!

Mike Nigro & Andrew Osterhoudt have fashioned here an uneasy-yet-universal cosmic montage of self-erasing constellations, ouroboorish celestial tropes-gone-rogue, and one-way-expansive blueprints that ought fit within the catalogue of some otherworldly, parallel label titled “Black Hearts of Space”, were they not delivered right here, via CTatsu.

A thinly veiled underbelly of forlorn paranoia glowing from the ungazeable navel, these oft-co-opted New Age scripts have been artisinally poisoned juuust enough to feel both beautiful and toooo beautiful to be true, their hues oversaturated along the shadowlines, a neon cobweb spinning itself in fractal dissonance, just above the highlight.

Any attempted Channeling* of energies alongside these all-synth soundscapes might invite stories of most blissful peaks e’r visited (where travelers froze themselves to death in acrophobic dread), or conversely, a second-wind-given some (comatose) diver as they come up for air (after being clinically dead for an hour).

Disorienting, spooky, gorgeous; this tape is an emotional tour of acute schizophrenia, with subtle mood swings swirling throughout its entirety, despite (and in fact bolstered by!) an otherwise 95% state of consonant docility.

Quite an adventure. Best with headphones and a comfy floor to lay immobile on. For hours afterward.

*AO’s alias.


--Jacob An Kittenplan