ANDREA STROUD : "Killer Workout" c30 (Hot Releases)

You know how when your filming a tv screen or computer and the frame rate between the camera and the monitor is off so it flickers or distorts or skips around? Usually in movies they cover it up with fancy modern technology so you can't see the irregularity, but sometimes it's in tact. Like maybe in the dude's house from Silence of the Lambs, or maybe in some gangrene Japanese horror movie featuring a girl who works out non-stop in near darkness to the sound of dripping water echoing down some empty hallway filled with near reptilian hand-less victims mumbling to themselves for an eternity.

Maybe the sound of the tv is on and you can hear "it" but it's so over driven and blown out that only every so often to you catch a glimpse of a melody, maybe it's some synthesizer buried under tape hiss or maybe that's a broken heater and someone breathing down your neck, hard to tell but you know it's not comfort music.

Supposedly all sourced from workout tapes there's definitely a suggestion of someone really really pushing themselves here, everything is in the red and it sounds awesome, the most audible 'music' comes at the end of the second side with a crappy 'punk' sounding guitar jam totally overgrown with moss and sauce, nothing clean, easy or in shape about this.

Comes packaged in really, really well done full color fold out insert of workout photos of the artist, totally insane. Definitely recommended.
Not sure of the edition but still available from the Hot Releases myspace where there are also sound clips:
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