Buckets of Bile "Outside Mind" c6 (Speed Tapes)

Fresh outta the Postlady's bag, Speed Tapes' debut release by Buckets of Bile, outside of the name, is hardly what I'm used to getting in the mail. Outside Mind, at 3 minutes a side of lo-fi fuzzy keyboards with female voicing feels a lot more suited for the 7" format. At first listen it's not 100% obvious you're listening to 'pop music' per se, the 'percussion' is totally totally buried like a pompeian boombox, on top of that there's a heavy fog of distorted keyboards (i think anyways) and finally there's the almost casual singing; all creating the illusion that yr on an aimless stroll to where ever the sky is the bluest, instead of a clearly marked. Or maybe it's intentional deception, hansel and gretel style, the muddiness is meant to help you lose your path and, you know, tap into that "the journey is the destination" vibe.

The A side, appropriately, is the more catchy with the "I don't mind" refrain hypnotizing you for the almost 3 minutes of fuzzy warmth. While the B side still has a hook and bite to it, the double voicing acts to further distance itself from a song (while still definitely being one). Definitely for fans with an appreciation of the (lo-fi) pop song format and the expansion of its limitations. A nice change of pace between filling my ears with camel piss and street rot, for real.

Full color covers, released in an edition of 100.
Sound samples and purchasing info available at the label's myspace: