MIST "Certain Expansion" c40 (Pizza Wagon)

Debut release number 3 for today (sort of)! This one off of Cleveland's own Pizza Wagon which is a split release by Wagon run by John Elliott of Emeralds and Pizza Night run by the perennial nice guy Sam Goldberg though it doesn't show up in either of their discographies so maybe this is a co-release venture.

Appropriately this tape is these two dudes collaborating on two sides of heavy heavy synthesizer with credits for a voice and electric violin in there though they must heavily processed in the mix because it just felt like two synthesizers oscillating as yr hurtled through zero gravity in an epic, endless somersault. Really beautiful black hole, blind folded centipede leg jams.

Unfortunately doesn't appear to be available from any of the labels but they're worth checking out if yr intrigued.

Sam's Pizza Night label:
John's Wagon label, though everything is sold out: