Packaged like a wedding invitation this tape definitely had a "till death do us part" vibe shared between both sides. Ophibre's side was a sprawling 20 minute toboggan ride down a tuvan throat singer's waterslide party. Totally smooth crooning and wavering without any of the party, crooning or a waterslide atmosphere. Maybe falling off a bridge and being consoled by the sound of the wind and watching the earth approach in slow motion would be more apt. Would fit in nicely with the buddah box loops that i would play non-stop if it didn't drive the people i live with crazy (and that's not meant to be derisive.)

The Hunted Creatures side is a nice fit and disposing of the consistency of the Ophibre side works two pieces with a bit more of a contour to the journey focusing less on the catatonic elements that Ophibre wrestled with and more on the distinction between similar objects, like a desert landscape where everything has been bleached and burned by the sun for hundreds of years (or a few nuclear weapons.) This could be partially because it's a live set though that doesn't reveal itself in the recordings particularly which are of a high enough fidelity that you don't feel like there's an ocean of air between you and the actual sounds.

Nice packaging and good any season listening, deep dark winter despair or spring time with the windows nailed open.
Not sure of the edition size but it still appears to be available: