FLETCHER PRATT "Mind Gunk Vol. 11" c20 (Housecraft)

Maybe it's not yr mom, but someone's mom you know or maybe it's yr friend's step-dad's grandmother who is a little, uh, over-ripe. You know, not just collecting porcelain frogs, but maybe old oreo cookie boxes and newspaper clippings of fourth of july parades. And, just so you know that she knows you think she's crazy there's a really nice (and old) bumper sticker on the hutch which is covered in pictures of cats (from advertisements) that reads "God Bless This Mess" and, you know what, she's right. It's all arranged in its proper place, suggesting more like a life-collage than somebody with a mental illness.

If that "grandma" is Maude, then Fletcher Pratt is the Harold, without all the morbid fascination and concern with "living life." A c20 rollercoaster of gadget attacks, guitar bombast, tape sounds scrawled on the walls of a passing 18 wheeler. I can just imagine the four track this came out of having the same "God Bless This Mess" sticker on it and Fletcher just chilling amid a pile of broken vhs tapes, alf dolls and wet spaghetti, cooking up a plan for his next bully session with sound, bending it to his will and calling shaking a shopping bag full of wine glasses accompanied by a broken acoustic guitar "music." The title mind gunk is super appropriate in this case and the fact that there may be 10 other volumes of this out there is awesome. As Snap! once said "It's gettin kinda hectic."

Comes with full color, handcut insert
out of print from the label:
appear to be some available at the Tomentosa Distro: