THE BITTERS - "East General" C45 (Release the Bats)

Following a handful of sold out ep's on Mr.Blank Dogs' Captured Tracks label, Toronto's beloved Bitters return with a killer new full length from Sweden's Release the Bats label.East General offers 11 tracks of dark and cavernous pop, with more than enough infectious hooks and freak outs to keep you rewinding after each listen.At first it was just a side project between Aerin Fogel and Ben Cook (Fucked Up/Young Governor), but have recently taken their cloudy pop to a live setting, with the help of Fucked Up drummer- Jonah Falco, among other talented guest performers.
East General works on so many levels, it's almost too good to bare.Aerin Fogel's deep and affected voice pretty much carries this entire album, right on to the very end.Her 50's girl-group hoots n' howls somehow fit perfectly within the murky rhythms, and comes off just as dark and spiteful as does bright and tuneful.The Bitters' sound is constantly shifting,blurring the lines between all forms of pop and rock sub-genres, and yet remains cohesive and focused from start to finish.A rather rare quality in this musical climate.It's all heaps.The classic girl group charm, blown out garage rock production, post-punk aggression, and heavy on the straight-faced goth influence.
*I'm submitting my vote for cassette of the year, cover art with full color J-card, and an attractive blue cassette.Dynamite.

The Bitters
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