THOUGHTS ON AIR "Mallo Yallo" c92 (Cloud Valley)

Thoughts On Air is Scott Johnson, who runs the Cloud/Maggot Valley labels. This tape is Cloud Valley's 100th release, and is a compilation of both new and old TOA recordings. I was absolutely blown away that this tape managed to keep its momentum for 92 minutes straight, and was expecting a moment of sparseness or monotony somewhere. Both sides consist of soft ambiance with a layer of grit--not by the hiss--added to the recordings. Side A ranges from loops of fluttery guitar to airy, vast washes of drone. Side B consists mostly of the latter, however more subdued. Though this isn't as immediate as some tapes, it sets a very pleasant and sedate mood that I think could appeal to almost anyone.

Limited to 100 copies, dubbed onto hand-painted books on tape.