BLOOD WING - "6 Song Cassette" C12 (Skrot Up)

Sometimes a joke is so brilliant and clever, that it takes you hearing it at least 5 times before actually getting it.Such is the case for Washington's Blood Wing.These 6 subliminally awesome songs come via- cassette from the killer Skrot Up label.They always have something good going on it seems,and this one takes the cake for me.So here's the rundown..Their myspace claims that they are a 3 piece consisting of Tall Bear, Black Salmon, and Runs With Sky.Whether or not any of these members really exist is irrelevant.But for the sake of this review,we'll say that may be the dirty work of Sean from the Spits.What matters here,is that you get six killer, 80's throwback metal jams,that are doused in a hazy lo-fi bedroom-punk fule, and set ablaze like a pile of scalped palefaces.And that's actually pretty accurate.
Blood Wing has a comical(?) Native American theme that runs rampant like the wolf throughout this tape.Maybe they are totally serious..I can only hope.Aside from great song titles like "Proud Eagle, "War Cry", and "Your Turkey is a Fool" will also hear funny samples of things like pow-wow chants, civil war chatter, and what appears to be some sort of John Wayne dialog.You also get an insert with a picture of a Native American man holding a rifle,and the words "Free Leonard Peltier,Fuck The FBI" above..Fuck yeah.
The awesome headbangin' riffage fits perfectly over the pounding drum machine beats, and gruff, Danzing-like howling.I'm not sure why, but some of it reminds me of older Killing Joke..maybe the phased-out vocal parts or occasional busted-organ mocking the riffs..Anyhow,this tape is short and sweet.A musket loaded full of fist pump-able anthems,and catchy chorus lines.A week ago I was laughing about this,and today I can't put it down.Red Red Blood in the Snow will never leave your head.Fingers crossed for a follow up.

Skrot Up